Veda Vijnana Gurukulam

Janaseva trust established Veda Vijnana Gurukulam, for learning Vedas and Samskritam coupled with modern science, yoga, and fine arts. The five faceted educational curriculum of the Gurukula helps in spreading cultural ethos with a healthy scientific spirit.


Bharatha or India is known for its rich heritage of some of the world' most ancient texts on science and knowledge system. It is the land where the sacred Vedic adhyatmayoga, spiritual knowledge oriented and is being practied, preserved and propagated from time immemorial. As children of this holy land, we consider it our duty and responsibility to transmit the vast treasure of this vedic knowledge to our future generations.

With this noble purpose in mind, the Janaseva Trust, known for its relentless service in the field of education for over 30 years, achieved another important milestone by formally establishing the Veda Vijnana Gurukulam based on the traditional pattern in the month of jyeshtha in the Eshwar Samvastara (1997) on the auspicious occasion of Janaeva Trust's Ardhamandala (Silver jubilee) celebrations.


  1. To preserve the tradition of the Vedas, the Shastras (Vijnana) and Yoga in their original form.
  2. To perpetuate the Gurukula tradition in the modern world.
  3. To cultivate a social outlook and spiritual insight in the youth.
  4. To prove that the Rishi Parampara is still relevent in this modern age.
  5. To teach the Shastras through the right medium i.e. Samskritam and to propagate Samskrita conversation.


The "Shashtra Parampara" (Tradition of Shastra) of Bharatavarsha is held in high esteem all over the world. We believe that this Parampara can flourish only through the Gurukula tradition. Moreover, with the growing influence of Western consumerism in this land of Bharatha, utilitarianism has mushroomed and the young and energetic men and women, solely dedicated to preserving our tradition as their life' mission, have become rare. In this context, we consider it necessary that the youth take up the responsibility of such a mission in the modern age. Furthermore, we firmly believe that Vedic and Vedantic scholars must also cultivate a scientific temperament as well as become conscious of their social responsibilities. Scholarliness must shine in good nature. Kshtrabala (Dynamic power) must be well grounded on the Brahmabala (spiritual might)

No nation can dream of a bright future unless the present is rooted in the past. Thus as a major stride to preerve and propagate our great Vedic culture and heritage, 'Veda-Vijnana Gurukulam' was established in 1997 in the serene atmosphere of Vrihabhachala within the premises of of Janaseva Trust. Presently 34 students from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are making headway in promoting 'Vedic Parampara' in the Gurukulam. In other words, they endeavour to become the torch-bearers of 'Samskrit' and 'Samskriti' being spiritually rooted, individually vibrant, socially constructive and emotionally patriotic.


  1. Interested young men of age 16 to 18 who have passed their SSLC or PUC examinations with Sanskrit as a subject.
  2. Candidate must be ready to study for seven years (5 years in Gurukulam and 2 years in Shodha Samsthanam) according to the Gurukula tradition and have proper physical, mental and intellectual predisposition.


  1. Thus far 55 students have successfully completed their Gurukula education and obtained a Master degree in Samskrit and yoga.
  2. Three of them have received Doctoral degrees and many more are pursuing research in various fields .
  3. Some of the students are working as lectures in many educational institutions.
  4. Few students are working as Cultural Ambassadors abroad.
  5. Some have started their own Vedic, Yogic and spiritual centres to serve the society.